RPA-10 Course

RPA-10 Course

The RPA-10 is a local content course designed to introduce students to the assessment industry in Saskatchewan. All Canadian provinces operate under their own separate legislation. Most of the course content focuses on Saskatchewan-specific information.

To register for the RPA-10 course, complete the course registration form and email to info@saskaaa.ca

The fee for this course is $500, which includes the RPA-10 Manual.

Members are required to register for the Exam within one year of enrolling in the course.

Examinations are provided by the SAAA Administration for students to complete on their own schedules in a proctored setting. To register for an examination, complete and email the exam registration form.

The passing mark for this course is 60%.

The examination consists of two parts: 60 multiple-choice questions (worth 60 marks); and six essay questions of which four must be answered (worth 40 marks). Material that may be tested on the examination includes:
  • Municipalities and their creation
  • Types of local government
  • The Saskatchewan Assessment Management Agency (powers, functions, responsibilities, etc.)
  • Municipal legislation and regulations
  • Taxation systems (purpose, functions, tools, etc.)
  • Assessment in Saskatchewan (properties assessed, functions of assessor and assessment appraiser, equity, valuation standards, etc.)
  • The assessment process
  • The appraisal process
  • The appeal process
  • Principles underlying real estate valuation
  • Local assessment manual, guides and handbook
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