Assessment Appraiser

Assessment Appraiser

What is an Assessment Appraiser?

Assessment appraisers estimate assessed value on all types of property including residential, commercial, industrial, oil/gas pipelines, mines and farmland. Every person who owns property in Saskatchewan is impacted by the assessment placed on it by one of our members. Assessment appraisers must consistently work to ensure that property assessments are determined equitably pursuant to provincial legislation.

Assessment appraisers work for all levels of government, the Saskatchewan Assessment Management Agency (SAMA), private consulting and assessment firms. They work in various valuation, management and administration positions. The Court of law also recognize assessment appraisers as experts and reinforce that the assessor is the backbone of local tax administration.

Benefits of Membership

  • Recognition of professional designations (MAAS, MRAAS) and license (LAAS);
  • Accredited members are recognized as expert witnesses in Assessment Tribunals and Courts;
  • Members interact and develop professional contacts, explore career opportunities and network with other related assessment professionals;
  • Transferability of credentials between participating Canadian provinces;
  • Opportunity to attend Annual Conference and Seminars at discounted rates;
  • Code of Ethics;
  • Advocacy on behalf of the assessment profession.