The Saskatchewan Assessment Appraisers’ Association (SAAA) is the organization of trained professionals that are qualified to apply expertise in the mass valuation of property for ad valorem taxation purposes in Saskatchewan. The SAAA was established as a self-governing regulated profession under The Assessment Appraisers Act in November 2002. Saskatchewan assessors and assessment appraisers have a proud history that began more than 70 years ago with a view to improving standards, developing better techniques and disseminating useful information to its members.

The SAAA is an association that focuses on professionals who have an interest in property assessment valuation. A significant number of our members are practicing assessment appraisers who contribute their expertise in the valuation of property for taxation purposes in Saskatchewan. The Association also provides related products and services to our members, the public and Saskatchewan municipalities.

Between 1960 and 1969 there were two separate associations, provincial agricultural valuers known at that time as the Municipal Assessment Officer’s Association (MAOA) and the Saskatchewan Assessors’ Association, which comprised all members of the MAOA, most of the city assessors and/or city clerks, some town assessors, representatives of assessment branches from the neighboring provinces and the Canadian and western tax representatives of companies such as Trans-Canada Pipelines, CPR, CNR and major oil companies.

The two associations held meetings together starting in 1961, with the MAOA at the beginning of the week and the SAA at the end of the week. By 1970, only the SAA remained.

The first organization was the Saskatchewan Professional Property Valuators’ Association, which was formed in 1939 and lasted until the separate MAOA and SAA were formed in 1960.

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Saskatchewan Assessment Appraisers’ Association

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