Membership Process

Membership Process

The Licensed Assessment Appraiser of Saskatchewan (LAAS) license is recognized as the property assessment certification in the province of Saskatchewan.

The Municipal Assessment Appraiser of Saskatchewan (MAAS) or Municipal Rural Assessment Appraiser of Saskatchewan (MRAAS) designation is awarded to members who have earned the designation through a combination of work experience and education (See Path to Accreditation). It typically takes between four – six years after you have been working in the assessment field to become accredited.

Members who achieve their MAAS or MRAAS designation automatically receive their LAAS license.

Membership Process


Fulfill the Education Requirements Path to Accreditation  (View Step 8 Curriculum Check List for specific courses)

Note: A Candidate Member is allowed six years from the date the Candidate membership is approved to meet the requirements of the MAAS or MRAAS designation. If the Candidate Member exceeds this time limitation, s/he may be required to satisfy new accreditation requirements in existence or change to a Regular membership category.

Experience Requirements:

Four years of experience in mass appraisal in Saskatchewan is required to earn a MAAS or MRAAS designation. If you have experience in fee appraisal work and/or general assessment work, application can be made to the Education Committee for equivalency of experience towards accreditation. A maximum of 2 years equivalence may be granted.  When requesting consideration for equivalency, please supply an outline of the duties performed in the position. The experience requirement is assessed and granted as part of the ‘Application for Accreditation’ process. In the application you will be requested to provide a resume and confirmation from employers certifying dates and positions held.